Maison des Hiboux Print A4

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Maison des Hiboux Print A4

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My Brussels houses ON SALE. Some of these beauties will no longer be to sell. Since I moved from Brussels to Brighton, I am now trying to adjust my new production of handmade products inspired by Brighton and from other stories. It is time to change. And maybe you are the lucky who buy one of the last items here.

Printed on 180g Grained Paper.

This is a portrait house of the "Maison des Hiboux" in Brussels.

My houses are hand drawn, inspired of Brussels architecture where different styles (Art Nouveau/Art Decó/ French classicism, etc) converge in a particular mood of the city. I make them colourful to contrast the usual grey light.

I love to make them colourful as a way to give more brightness to this mostly grey city full of nearly derelict (but truly beautiful) façades.

All prints are A4 size and fits perfectly in most frames, notably IKEA ones. They will be posted to you in a sturdy envelope with some light cardboard to keep its shape, and in a plastic bag to protect it a bit more.


Shipping and Return/Replace Policy:

My items are usually ready to send in 1 or 2 days after you make your order, and delivery time depends on where they are going.

I send my products through Belgian Post and to date all pieces have safely arrived at destination. If you receive a damaged item, please take a picture of the broken piece and packaging in order to make a claim if necessary. I would replace the Product if the damage has occurred on the Shipping. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions or if you want a customized work of a particular house! You can send me a message on the Contact page.

I do not accept cancellations or refunds.

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